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Thanks to the knowledge and inventiveness of our technologists, original and constantly enriched recipes are created.

Lukullus Limited Liability Company. A limited partnership, with its headquarters in Leoncin, in the buffer zone of the picturesque Kampinos Forest near Warsaw, boasts a few-generational tradition of high quality cured meats dating back to 1945.

We pride ourselves on the reputation of a leading manufacturer of original, unique meat products that we create based on knowledge, passion and decades of experience in the processing of pork ham meat and poultry fillet. Our main goal is to constantly improve the quality of our products and create innovative, original technological solutions.

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Knowledge and experience uninterrupted since 1945
The highest quality of our products
Original recipes
Natural ingredients

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The Lukullus Natura line of products carries the slogan “The taste of nature. Joy from eating.” We believe that true pleasure lies in simplicity, and so our products contain “only natural ingredients”. We are able to achieve this by using innovative technology that enables the production of cured meats without added preservatives. This leads to healthy products that both taste exquisite and maintain the harmony of the body.

Ojcowa Wędzarnia is a premium brand of lunch meats that maintains a traditional Polish butcher’s pedigree dating back to the pre-war years. It is also the story of a real craftsman, a master butcher of 1945, Tadeusz Szymański, who through his great passion, hard work and determination in pursuing his dreams, created the legendary taste of cured meats that is found today in Ojcowa Wędzarnia.

The Lukullus brand represents products of the highest class, created with the most demanding consumers in mind. They are produced from selected ham and poultry fillets, in accordance with a strict technological system. The unique taste of these products is down to the original, refined recipes, enriched with natural compositions of spices and flavours.

The Campino brand is a combination of good, proven quality with attractive price. This line includes a variety of cold meat products for every pocket. We created this brand symbolically, so as to make our exceptional taste available to a wide group of customers, making the most affordable products while maintaining the basic Lukullus values and quality standards.

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