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Quality policy

From the start, our aim has been to create a unique, exceptional taste experience for consumers of our products, while ensuring that our food is always safe and healthy. For this purpose we use a number of innovative technological solutions and implement a rigorous quality management system, consisting of:

  • GHP/GMP and HACCP systems introduced in 2003
  • A certified IFS system introduced in 2007
  • A certified BRC system introduced in 2015

Also, since 2003 the company has been entered on the General Veterinary Inspectorate’s list of producers permitted to trade with the EU.

It is particularly important to us that our products are made from the highest class of selected pork and poultry meat. The great majority of our meat is class S or E; we occasionally use class R. We do not use other classes of meat in our production.

In obtaining ingredients, we choose the best domestic suppliers, whose quality is verified in annual audits carried out by Lukullus’ quality and purchasing department. Ingredients supplied to the factory are further evaluated by our ingredients classification department.

Taking special care to supply products of the declared quality to our commercial partners, we implement an internal quality policy consisting of:

  • monitoring of current production batches
  • organoleptic evaluation of every production batch
  • an internal quality protocol for closed production orders

The whole of the production process is overseen by a highly qualified team of process engineers, who continuously monitor the most important production indicators.